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Electronic Sports
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Electronic Sports

Electronic Sports

Electronic sports commonly known as e-sports, is in its simplest terms the phrase used to describe the playing of video games competitively, the games themselves can vary in nature and clued shooting, strategy and sporting games.

Other popular phrases with the same meaning are competitive gaming, cyber sports, cyber athletics or V-Sports.

Electronic Sports are a relatively new form of sports and were incorporated into the Asian Indoor Games in 2007.

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  • Electronic Sports

Electronic sports, abbreviated e-sports or eSports, is used as a general term to describe the play of video games as a professional sport. Other terms include competitive gaming, cybersports, cyber athletics (used by the CPL) and V-Sports (used by the GGL) Games which are considered electronic sports normally belong to the first-person shooter, real-time strategy, or sports game genres.

They are played competitively at both amateur and professional levels. The biggest eSports nation is considered to be South Korea. ('eSports' word comes from South Korea)

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