Bangkok & Chonburi Province 2021

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Kickboxing refers to the sport of using martial-arts-style kicks and boxing-style punches to defeat an opponent in a similar way to that of standard boxing.

It is a full-contact sport. Male boxers are bare-chested wearing shorts and protective gear including: mouth-guard, hand-wraps, 10-oz.

boxing gloves, groin-guard, shin-pads, kick-boots, and optional protective helmet.

Kickboxing is often confused with Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing.

The two sports are similar, however, in Thai Boxing, kicks below the belt are allowed, as are strikes with knees and elbows whereas they are forbidden in kickboxing.

Kickboxing was incorporated into the Asian Martial Arts Games in 2009.

List of disciplines

  • Kickboxing

List of events

  • men

    1. 57KG

    2. 67KG

    3. 75KG

  • women

    1. 60KG

    2. 56KG

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