CTOC presents 2019 IOC Trophy to NTSU

CTOC presents 2019 IOC Trophy to NTSU

Taipei, July 14, 2020: The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee presented the 2019 IOC Trophy-Sport and Sustainable Architecture to National Taiwan Sport University on July 9 at the award ceremony in Taipei.

CTOC President Hong-Dow Lin presented the trophy to University President Ping-Kun Chiu in recognition of the contribution to sustainable architecture of the NTSU. 

The ceremony was witnessed by Chin-Hsiung Kao, Director-General of the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Vice Presidents and Executive Board members of CTOC and former Presidents of NTSU.

President Lin said: “CTOC has nominated Mr. Hao-Ming Pu and the Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice, for IOC trophies in 2014 (Sport and Art) and 2015 (Sport and Innovation), respectively. 

This time, CTOC is honoured to present the trophy again on behalf of the IOC, hoping to inspire more institutes, schools and government buildings in Taiwan to follow the goal of sustainability.”

President Lin added: “Sustainability serves as one of the most important topics in Olympic Agenda 2020. CTOC has long been dedicated to the promotion of this topic. Furthermore, we are dedicated to educate our younger generation the importance of sustainability.” 

After receiving the trophy, University President Chiu stressed that the NTSU would build facilities and sports training centres in the future based on environmental sustainability. 

“It is indeed a great honour to receive this IOC Trophy, and the NTSU now shares greater responsibility for the issue of sustainability.”