Indian Olympic Association reveals new logo

Indian Olympic Association reveals new logo

New Delhi, India, July 6, 2020: The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has adopted a new identity, an institutional logo and a commercial logo as it completes a 100-year milestone of being part of the Olympic Games, reports Times Now.

IOA has completed 100 years of participation of Indian athletes in the Olympic Games. To celebrate and mark the occasion, IOA has adopted a new identity. The new identity/logo celebrates a century of work and contribution of the athletes and officials from across the nation in building Team India.

In a joint statement while releasing the new identity and logos, IOA President Dr. Narinder Dhruv Batra and IOA Secretary General Mr. Rajeev Mehta said: “The new logo is a symbol of our country’s identity and our values in sport. Designed to be carried with pride as our athletes take to the world stage, representing Team India, the new identity is a proud celebration of tiranga, the pride, dignity and a lifetime of determined hard work of our athletes and the values of unity, friendship and merit, upheld by the IOA.”

The joint statement from IOA office-bearers further states: “Nothing brings a country together like watching one of its representatives make a mark in the world arena. In sport, this is the moment when our athletes take to the playing field or the podium, or begin their victory lap, while waving the Indian flag. 

“The new identity of the IOA celebrates this moment of pride with the tricolour built into the typography. The flag at full-mast represents the pride we take in our athletes every time they step on to the arena. The new logos are approved by the International Olympic Committee.”

IOA is planning to have a special launch event of the logo on August 15, 2020, once the situation surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic also improves in India.