Sports stadium opens as quarantine centre in Philippines’ ‘We Heal As One’ campaign

Sports stadium opens as quarantine centre in Philippines’ ‘We Heal As One’ campaign

Manila, Philippines, April 16, 2020: The historic Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, which for more than half a century has been home to the biggest sporting events the Philippines has hosted, has been transformed into a quarantine centre for COVID-19 patients.

The Ninoy Aquino Stadium inside the complex started accepting patients categorized as suspected and probable cases of coronavirus from Monday, reports The Manila Times. The centre can provide beds for a maximum of 112 patients.

It has been named the “We Heal As One Centre” after the country adapted the SEA Games 2019 slogan of “We Win As One” to “We Heal As One” to show solidarity in the fight against the pandemic. 

The Rizal Memorial complex has been reduced to a ghost city since the Philippine Sports Commission - the sports ministry of the central government - sent all athletes billeted in the area to their respective provinces after the 2020 Olympic Games were postponed to next year.

The complex also used to house elite athletes from a wide range of sports preparing for big international competitions like the Olympic Games, Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games.

The Department of Health and the Armed Forces of the Philippines are running the makeshift quarantine centres.

Patients will be accorded with air-conditioned cubicles with plug-in outlets, free food for patients and the medical staff, free internet connection and round-the-clock medical assistance.

Tent-like structures have been built outside the quarantine centre to accommodate the nurses.

Another PSC-owned building now being used as a quarantine centre is the PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig City.

Source: The Manila Times.