Alyssa Pok flies the flag for Singapore at Winter YOG

Alyssa Pok will be representing Singapore at the Winter YOG in Lausanne. © Vic Sent Pok
Alyssa Pok will be representing Singapore at the Winter YOG in Lausanne. © Vic Sent Pok

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 10, 2020: Singapore is one of 12 National Olympic Committees making their Winter Youth Olympic Games debut at Lausanne 2020.

The team’s flag-bearer in the opening ceremony on Thursday evening was short track speed skater Alyssa Pok, who was interviewed by the Lausanne 2020 media team.

“I feel really excited to be here,” said Alyssa.

“It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and not many people actually get to qualify for the Winter Youth Olympic Games. So, to be able to participate in these Games and represent Singapore is really an amazing opportunity for me.

“Singapore is not a winter country but I think it is important that we are represented. Being able to participate in winter sports as a tropical country is quite unique and I think being part of this Winter YOG will be amazing and a great experience.”

Alyssa said she was “overjoyed” when she heard she had been picked for Lausanne 2020 and that carrying the flag gave her a greater sense of responsibility.

Singapore made its debut in the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, Korea, in 2018 through another short tracker, Cheyenne Goh, and Alyssa admitted this had inspired her.

“Cheyenne is my team-mate and seeing her at the Olympic Winter Games was obviously a major achievement for Singapore,” said Alyssa.

“Also, as well as for her, I think being a tropical country and participating in a winter sport is a great feat.”

Alyssa, who was instantly attracted to short track speed skating when she watched a demonstration of the sport at a new ice rink in 2012, concluded: “I am looking forward to cherishing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete at the Winter Youth Olympic Games. I also hope to make friends with other young athletes from different parts of the world and learn their cultures and probably pick up some skating tips. 

“I am also looking forward to staying in the Athletes’ Village as it will be a unique experience and, last but not least, I look forward to being able to compete to the best of my abilities and attain good results.”