Qatari mountaineer Asma Al Thani skis to South Pole

Qatari mountaineer Asma Al Thani skis to South Pole

Doha, Qatar, January 14, 2022: The Qatar Olympic Committee is celebrating another remarkable milestone by mountaineer/explorer Asma Al Thani.

Sheikha Asma, who is Director of Marketing and Communications for the QOC, has started the new year by climbing Vinson Massif, the highest mountain in Antarctica at 4,892m, and then skiing over 100 km to the South Pole. She had already skied to the North Pole in 2018.

On Instagram, Sheikha Asma wrote: “Our adventures in Antarctica didn’t stop at Vinson. We then skied the Last Degree to the South Pole. The Last Degree is the process of making the journey over the last latitude of distance to the South Pole from 89° South. The actual distance is 60 nautical miles being 111km or 69 miles.

“I was fortunate enough to do it with my brothers and witness their historic achievement of raising the Nepali flag in the South Pole for the first time.

“Sharing a common goal with others builds friendships and breaks down so many barriers. As we skied every day, our long, tiresome journey was sparked with so much energy when we stopped for our little breaks and shared our snacks amongst each other. 

“Through the bitter cold, freezing winds, I would always be comforted knowing that together we could push through anything!

“And that’s how my 2022 started - raising the flag of my beloved country on the South Pole.”

Sheikha Asma is on a journey to become the first Qatari woman to climb Mount Everest, and the first woman from the Middle East to complete the Explorers Grand Slam which involves climbing the Seven Summits and reaching the North Pole and South Pole.