China-Chinese Taipei exchange flourishes in 23rd cross-strait symposium

China-Chinese Taipei exchange flourishes in 23rd cross-strait symposium

Taipei, April 19, 2021: The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee and Chinese Olympic Committee jointly organised the 23rd Cross-Strait Sports Exchange Symposium via video conference in Beijing and Taipei on March 30. 

The symposium, which was first held in 1997, was co-chaired by CTOC President Lin Hong-Dow and COC President Gou Zhongwen. 

CTOC President Lin said that the cross-strait Olympic exchanges had established sound interaction and friendship over a period of more than 20 years. 

“No matter how the external situation changes, the Cross-Strait Olympic Committees will always carry out sports exchanges on the foundation of mutual trust, benefit and reciprocity to achieve the significant result of cross-strait exchanges in all sport spheres,” he said. 

For example, the COC supported the CTOC’s request to include baseball in the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022, thereby increasing the profile of the Hangzhou Asian Games back home and meeting the aspirations of baseball fans. This cooperation was clear evidence of the mutually beneficial achievements of sports exchanges between the two Olympic Committees, added President Lin. 

The CTOC President said he wished that all international competitions could be revived after the pandemic so that exchanges in coaching, athletes, sports information and experience-sharing could resume like before.  

With the Olympic Games around the corner, President Lin said he hoped that the athletes of the two delegations could produce “excellent performances” at Tokyo 2020, and that he looked forward to improving the level of skill for coaches and athletes of both sides through the interaction of top professionals between the two Olympic Committees in the future. 

The eight attendees from the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee were: President Lin Hong-Dow, Vice President Tsai Szu-Chuen, Vice President Chen Shyh-Kwei, Vice President Chang Huan-Cheng, Executive Board Member Lin Che-Hung, Member Hsu Hsiu-Ling, Secretary-General Lee Yu-Fang and Advisor Sun Lih-Chyun.  

The eight attendees from the Chinese Olympic Committee were: President Gou Zhongwen, Vice President Gao Zhidan, Vice President Liu Guoyong, Secretary-General Song Keqin, Deputy Secretary-General Wang Liwei, Deputy Chief of the Department of Science and Education Zhau Jingwei, Deputy Chief of the Department of Finance Yang Xuexuan and Deputy Secretary-General Wu Jian. 

The memorandum from the symposium outlined five events to be hosted by each Olympic Committee, including delegations from coaching and technical professionals, sports training centres, multi-games organisers and sports media to be hosted in China, and delegations of gold medal-winning coaches and athletes at an elite coaching seminar, sports science, water sports, the 12th cross-strait sports industry seminar and 24th cross-strait sports exchange to be hosted by CTOC.