Ten sports heroes to be inducted into Philippine hall of fame

Ten sports heroes to be inducted into Philippine hall of fame

Manila, Philippines, March 16, 2021: The Philippine Olympic Committee reports that a new batch of sports heroes is set to be included in the Philippine Sports Hall of Fame (PSHOF) at a ceremony in April.

The PSHOF Selection Committee, after thorough evaluation and deliberation, has formally elected 10 outstanding athletes as part of the fourth batch to be recognised in the prestigious Hall of Fame.

The committee chose Paulino Alcantara (football), Eric Buhain (swimming), Dionisio Calvo (coach-basketball and football), Arianne Cerdena (bowling), Robert Jaworski (basketball), Gertrudes Lozada (swimming), Elma Muros-Posadas (athletics), Rogelio Onofre (athletics), Leopoldo Serrantes (boxing), and Roel Velasco (boxing).

Philippine Sports Commission Chairman William Ramirez chaired the selection committee and said that the process of selecting the new inductees was not easy but he believed they had made good choices.

“I would like to thank everyone for all their work. It is very enriching for me to be part of this. I am pleased with the choices of both the review and selection committees,” said Mr. Ramirez in a statement.

The selection committee included Philippine Olympic Committee President Abraham Tolentino as Vice Chair and Philippine Olympians Association President Akiko Guevara as a member.

The 10 new inductees will each receive P200,000 (4,100 USD) plus the PSHOF trophy.

Source: POC/Business World