Asian Beach Games-themed buses light up Sanya

Zhou Xianli cleaning the Asian Beach Games-themed bus. © Feng Shuo
Zhou Xianli cleaning the Asian Beach Games-themed bus. © Feng Shuo

Sanya, China, October 16, 2020: On the streets of Sanya you’ll see that the 6th Asian Beach Games atmosphere is growing stronger.

Two hundred and sixty Sanya city buses have been colorfully decorated with Asian Beach Games elements including the Games mascot, emblem and slogan. Each of the Asian Beach Games buses has become part of the beautiful landscape in the Deer City of Sanya.

Bus No. 10 shows the image of Sanya and the Asian Beach Games, which will run from April 2-10, 2021.

At around 9:30 am on Tuesday, October 13, the driver of bus No. 10, Zhu Dan, patiently explained the bus decorations to the passengers at the Sanya Railway Station.

Zhu Dan told reporters that, after the Asian Beach Games-themed buses had hit the road, it drew a lot of attention from passengers. He often promotes the Asian Beach Games to his passengers, inviting them to watch the Games when they begin. 

As a Sanya native, Zhu Dan was very excited after he found out that the Asian Beach Games would be held in Sanya - a tourist resort city in tropical Hainan Island.

In Zhu Dan's view, the bus is not only a means of city transportation but also shows the image of the city, becoming a member of the city’s welcoming committee.

Bus No. 8 is regarded as the “most beautiful bus line” in Sanya.

"After changing the decorations, the bus looks more dynamic," said Zhou Xianli, a bus driver at Sanya Nanbianhai bus depot.

Bus No. 8 is an important and popular bus route for visitors to Sanya, stopping at Phoenix International Airport, the Sanya Bay coast, Dadonghai and several other destinations. 

"During the National Day holiday, many travelers took this bus to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sanya. Visitors also learned about the Asian Beach Games when they saw these advertisements," said staff member Yang Liu.