Chinese Taipei NOC concludes Olympic Day celebrations

Horning the start signal.
Horning the start signal.

Taipei, September 30, 2020: Sunny skies and a warm breeze set a pleasant scene for the opening of the 2020 Wonderland-Dapeng Bay Marine Festival - an Olympic Day celebration incorporating marine leisure activities and sailing championships. 

A total of 652 competitors took part in the Dapeng Bay National Championships organised by the Chinese Taipei Sailing Association.  

In the two-day regatta, all participants not only rode the waves on their way to and from the offshore island, Liuqiu, but also convoyed the #StayStrong message through the wind. 

The Festival also invites visitors to enjoy an exclusive Dapeng Bay experience comprising 10 sessions of marine activities, 10 sessions of yacht cruises, five routes of culture and gourmet trips and numerous scenic spots with stunning views, from September 25 to October 4.  

Chinese Taipei NOC and the tourism authorities strongly encourage people to take participation in various outdoor activities and maintain a healthy lifestyle particularly in this difficult epidemic time.