Cambodia NOC President stresses importance of hospitality and clean environment for 2023 SEA Games

Cambodia NOC President stresses importance of hospitality and clean environment for 2023 SEA Games

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, September 11, 2020: The President of the National Olympic Committee of Cambodia (NOCC), His Excellency Dr Thong Khon, believes it is more important to display the charm and beauty of a clean and friendly Cambodia than winning the most gold medals at all costs when Phnom Penh hosts the Southeast Asian Games for the first time in 2023.

Dr Thong, who is Minister of Tourism and Vice President of SEA Games organising committee CAMSOC, gave this message at a recent meeting of the national organising committee of the 32nd SEA Games Cambodia 2023.

"The medal race is an important issue but what is more important is that we must work together by promoting good hospitality, a good environment and clean hygiene and educating the people on issues such as the danger of traffic accidents and drug problems," he said.

"This is all part of the journey towards the SEA Games in Cambodia in 2023 and how to achieve our goals."

The meeting agenda included several key issues such as the action plan of the Committee on Culture, Environment and Sports Education and the need for the national state TV channel and private broadcasters to promote the preparations and information and to highlight the role and responsibilites of every citizen before, during and after the SEA Games.

After the meeting, HE Vath Chamroeun, Secretary General of CAMSOC and the NOCC, stated that the organising committee always paid close attention to its 14 specialised committees by means of a week-to-week, month-to-month work schedule and rigorous monitoring mechanism.

Secretary General Vath also outlined the legal issues and property rights of the logo and mascot and the need to avoid fraud or forgery of the official marks for the 2023 SEA Games. 

The Committee on Culture, Environment and Sports Education is preparing to launch an education campaign on two topics: for the citizens to play a sport for life and for the people to contribute to a clean Cambodia through hospitality and education about an active lifestyle and on reducing traffic accidents and reducing drugs amomg other negative aspects of society.

HE Dr Thong Khon recommended that CAMSOC organise a workshop to educate and publicise these two important campaigns. From now on, Cambodia and the other 10 Southeast Asian nations who will compete in the SEA Games are preparing their participation, he said.