Children’s book launched about life of weightlifting legend Diaz

Children’s book launched about life of weightlifting legend Diaz

Manila. Philippines, September 9, 2020: Philippines weightlifting hero Hidilyn Diaz has announced the launch of a children’s book about the story of her life. 

Diaz, 29, won a silver medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games followed by gold at the Asian Games in Indonesia in 2018 and, for the first time, at the Southeast Asian Games in the Philiippines last year. 

The book is called “Ginto’t Pilak” (Gold and Silver) and is published by Anvil Publishing. 

“I am so excited to announce the launch of a children’s book that I am featured in,” Diaz, a three-time Olympian, writes on her Facebook account Hidilyn Diaz Oly. 

“This is one of my WHYs in life. Before I won the silver medal for the Philippines at the 2016 Rio Olympics I didn’t give up on my preparation for the Olympics because of the younger generation.  

“I wanted to build a weightlifting gym for them. I built it - but what I want is to give them the inspiration to continue with their dream in weightlifting. I came from nothing to eventually becoming a silver medalist. We never know, one of these kids might be the next Gold Medalist. 

“This is my advocacy, to spread awareness of weightlifting and to find the next athlete who will be better than I ever was.” 

Diaz concludes: “I thank God for giving me this mission in life and for giving me wisdom to continue my dream despite the trials and challenges I’ve endured. 

“This book is the story of my life to inspire the younger generation to dream high and tell them to reach their dream - but they have to work hard because there is no instant in life. 

“I hope you will get inspired by this book; especially right now we are in Pandemic, we need inspiration, hope, and care.”