Sanya 2021
Emblem Sanya 2021

In addition to the sun image of OCA’s emblem, the emblem for the 6th Asia Beach Games overlays blue, green, yellow and orange color-blocks into the number "6" and makes up the image of coconut tree, an athlete and a deer( symbol of Sanya City), implying the artistic conception of ocean, beach, sport, green leaves and Luhuitou’s legend( A famous scenic spot in Sanya).

The visual image not only reflects the beautiful legend of Sanya, but also the symbol of local natural environment. It is a humanistic visual symbol with high recognition and preference of local people and highlights the city image, spirit and cultural history of Sanya.

Blue stands for ocean and dream, yellow and orange stand for sunshine, beach, joy and enthusiasm, the jumping sport figure stands for optimism, bravery, passion and vitality. The combination of bright and transparent colors and flexible shapes reflects that the 2020 Asian Beach Games( Sanya) will be a happy, environmental-friendly and charming event.