Asian Winter Games
The Asian Winter Games, which began in 1986, are increasing in popularity throughout the continent. While featuring popular sports such as ice hockey and figure skating, the Asian Winter Games also pulls together fans of extreme snow sports such as freestyle skiing, alpine skiing and ski jumping.

With Asian students studying overseas in winter sports countries such as the United States, and with ice rinks springing up in the most unlikely of places, countries such as Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates all sent teams to the 7th AWG in Kazakhstan in 2011.

The latest edition of the AWG proved to be a massive successive, with the co-host cities of stana and Almaty providing futuristic indoor venues and stunning mountain courses, respectively.

The 8th AWG will take place in beautiful Sapporo, on Japan’s northernmost Hokkaido island, and venue for the 1972 Winter Olympics.
Incheon, Korea, January 28, 2018: Korea’s 2017 Sapporo Asian Winter Games ladies’ figure skating champion, Choi Da-bin, declared herself pain-free on Sunday with the PyeongCha...

Jakarta, Indonesia, November 9, 2017: The organisers of the 18th Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Indonesia, next year are continuing on the Road to the Asian Games 2018 ...

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Asian Games Organising Committee

The Asian Games Organising Committee(AGOC) organise the Asian Games in collaboration with their National Olympic Committee and the host city.

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Asian marks

A big part of any major sports event is the official marks, including the logo, mascot and slogan. They contribute to the fun and the friendship of the occasion, and bring back happy memories for years to come.