East Asian Games
The East Asian Games, are a smaller multi sport event governed by East Asian Games Association (EAGA) and held every four years. The first were held in 1993 and athletes from the East Asian countries participate.

Only members of EAGA are able to take part in the Games, they are mostly those countries in the northern part of Asia and there are Games for the other ‘zones’ of the continent.

Kazakhstan was a former member of EAGA, however they have now become a member of the European Olympic Committee so do not take part in these Games anymore.
Hong Kong, China: The 6th East Asian Games concluded in Tianjin, China, on October 15. The main group of the Hong Kong, China delegation returned to Hong Kong on the afternoon...

Tianjin, China: The 6th East Asian Games, the last edition of the regional sports meet, concluded in the Tianjin Grand Theatre here on Tuesday evening wi...

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Asian Games Organising Committee

The Asian Games Organising Committee(AGOC) organise the Asian Games in collaboration with their National Olympic Committee and the host city.

Far Eastern Championship Games

Asian marks

A big part of any major sports event is the official marks, including the logo, mascot and slogan. They contribute to the fun and the friendship of the occasion, and bring back happy memories for years to come.