South Asian Beach Games
The South Asian Beach Games is a modern multi-sport event which has been developed by the South Asian Games Federation.

The inaugural South Asian Beach Games will be hosted in Hambantota, the Southern city of Sri Lanka from 8th - 14th Sep 2011.

These Games are composed of a variety of modern sports and variants of traditional sports such as each Volleyball, Beach Football, Beach Handball, Beach Netball, Beach Kabadi, Beach Basketball, Beach Bodybuilding, Life Saving, Equestrian, Triathlon, Swimming and Sailing.

Athletes competed from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and were a truly inspiring.
Past and Future South Asian Beach Games
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Hambantota 2011
Hambantota, Sri Lanka: The inaugural South Asian Beach Games were held in Hambantota from October 8-14, 2011. Hambantota is a city that is rising to be an economic hub from th...

Colombo, Sri Lanka: Preparations for the venue construction for the inaugural South Asian Beach Games this year in Sri Lanka are up and running. The southern harbour city of H...

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South Asian Beach Games

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