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Billiards Sports may refer to a variety of skilled game cue sport games including pool, carom billiards and snooker.

At its basic these are games where a cue stick is used to hit balls around a cloth covered table which has rubber cushions and pockets to pot the balls.

It may also have a more specific meaning for example in relation to the following games: Carom billiards played on a pocket less table where the object is to score points caroming your cue ball off both the opponent's cue ball and hitting the object ball(s) on a single shot.

English billiards where there is two cue balls (originally both white, but more recently one white, one yellow) and an object ball.

Each player or team uses a different cue ball and tries to pot the object ball. Pocket billiards or pool games such as nine-ball or Indian finger billiards, a board game similar to carom billiards.

Billiards and cue sports were incorporated into the Asian Games in 1998.
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  8 Ball Pool Singles
  9 Ball Pool Doubles
  9 Ball Pool Singles
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  Carom 3 Cushion Singles
  English Billiards Doubles
  English Billiards Singles
  English Billiards Singles 500 points
  English Billiards Team
  Snooker 15 ball Singles
  Snooker 6 ball Singles
  Snooker Doubles
  Snooker Singles
  Snooker Team
  10 Ball Pool Singles
  8 Ball Pool Singles
  9 Ball Pool Singles
  Snooker 6 ball Singles
  Snooker Singles
  Snooker Team
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