Water Skiing is a sport where an individual or moore is pulled behind a motor boat or a cable ski installation.

The surface area of the ski keeps the person skimming on the surface of the water allowing the skier to stand upright while holding the tow rope.
Pyongyang, DPR Korea, January 9, 2017: The DPR Korea Ski Association held its first Coaches Seminar for 20 coaches engaged in Alpine Skiing from December 15-20. Led by Peter Zenhausern, the six-day agenda included seminars on topics su...

Almaty, Kazakhstan, January 16, 2018: The Ski Association of Kazakhstan recently held its first FIS Technical Course for Coaches in Almaty – co-host city, along with the capital Astana, of the OCA’s 7th Asian Winter Games in 2011. With...

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