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IBWA – International Belt Wrestling Association is world governmental body for belt wrestling sports. We represent under IATWS patronage, the new model of leaderships in the challenge world – “From B.E.S.T. in Sport (B – for business, E – for education, S – for sport, T – for telecommunication) to B.E.S.T.  for Life (B – for business, E – for education, S – for science, T – for technology)”: our Worldwide Social - Economic & Environmental Commitment. 

The International Association is new modern, integrative, dynamic, developing organization, which leading new generation of International sport federation / association takes social responsibility, with due attention to youth. IBWA&IATWS became integrative part from modern society and play key roles in the society for social-economic development, cultural heritage promotion, environmental sustainability, healthy lifestyle and peace building process.

We reorganize our worldwide projects in triple system: “Play for Peace” (Peace education, Peace building, Peace promotion); “Play for Planet” (Clean soil, Clean water, Clean air); “Play for Life” (Healthy individual, Healthy lifestyle, Healthy nation); “Play for Fun” (Youth leaderships, Youth network, Youth wing).

Today IBWA govern different belt wrestling disciplines: free style, classical style, female belt wrestling, beach belt wrestling, snow belt wrestling in five age group: cadets, juniors, students, seniors and veterans in 12 weight categories (7 for men: 62 kg, - 68 kg, - 75 kg, - 82 kg, - 90 kg, - 100 kg, + 100 kg and 5 for women: 52 kg, - 58 kg, - 66 kg, - 76 kg, + 76 kg).

All IBWA events are under IATWS patronage with the line of IOC vision which include seven components: sport – belt wrestling competition, culture – folklore youth festival and competition on local traditional wrestling style, science – scientific UNSECO conference on developing and promotion of traditional sport and game, environment – tree planting action “Plant for Planet” or beach cleaning action “Creation”  with art exhibition, sport for development and peace – training seminars between border conflict / post-war countries under slogan “Play for Peace”, healthy lifestyle promotion - Olympic mile “Fun Run”, youth – youth leadership forum “ New generation of leaderships”.
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