Electronic Sports

Electronic sports commonly known as e-sports, is in its simplest terms the phrase used to describe the playing of video games competitively, the games themselves can vary in nature and clued shooting, strategy and sporting games.

Other popular phrases with the same meaning are competitive gaming, cyber sports, cyber athletics or V-Sports.

Electronic Sports are a relatively new form of sports and were incorporated into the Asian Indoor Games in 2007.



AESF announced results of the Regional Qualifier Competitions for the Asian Games 2018 22 Jun 2018

A total of 27 countries and regions signed up for the Qualifier Competitions which were held from June 6 to 20, 2018. Starcraft II and Hearthstone took the form of online matches while Arena of Valor and the Clash Royale.....

Athletes are forging ahead on the "Road to Asian Games" 12 Jun 2018

Hong Kong, June 12, 2018: Excitement is building up since the announcement of esports being a demonstration event in the 18th Asian Games. A total of 27 Asian countries and regions with over 300 athletes will be joining .....