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Floorball is a fast and exciting game that promotes end-to-end plays with quick transitions and fluid game play. Two teams are each allowed a maximum of five players and a goalie on the court at one time. Each field player has a light graphite stick which is approximately 3 feet long. The aim of Floorball is to shoot the ball into the other team’s goal with the Floorball stick.

The field players are not allowed to touch the ball with their head, hands or arms, but they can propel the ball forward using their stick. A Floorball game is played over 3 periods lasting 20 minutes each, termed as ‘normal time’. The time is stopped when there are penalties, goals, time-outs and any situation whereby the ball is not used in play.

There is an intermission of 10 minutes after each period. During the final round, if the scores are even after normal time, an extra time of 10 minutes shall be played after a 2-minute intermission. Should the scores remain even after extra time, a penalty shootout shall be conducted to determine the winner. Each game will be officiated by 2 referees. A total of two (2) Floorball events will be featured at the 28th SEA Games.