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Racquetball is played with a hollow rubber ball in an indoor or outdoor court.

A Racquetball game is played between two player (1 on 1), three player games are called Ironman (2 on 1) where each players take turns serving to the other two, the four player game  2 on 2) is called doubles and is played as teams.

The standard Racquetball court is rectangular: 40 feet long, 20 feet wide, 20 feet high. The service line parallels the short line and is 15 feet from  the front wall, withing the area created by this two lines it is known as the service zone.

To serve the player must bounce the ball on the floor once and forcefully strike it against the front wall- making the ball rebound beyound the short line and strike floor, either with or without touching a side wall otherwise the serve counts as fault.

After the ball bounces behind the short line, or passes the recieving line, the ball is in play and the opposing player(s) may it in turn.

After a succesfull serve, players alternate hitting the ball against the front wall. The player returning the hit may allow the ball to bounce once on the floor or hit the ball on the fly, when opposising player returns the shot, either befor bouncing on the floor or after one bounce, it must strike it must strike the front wall before it hits the floor.

Only the serving player scores points, like-wise, in a double game, only the serving team score's point.