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Bobsleigh is a Winter sport which Teams make timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, Ice tracks in a gravity-powered sled. Runs starts with a standing start, then the crew pushes the sled for up to fifty meters before boarding steering is not necessary until the sleigh exits the starting area, prior to this the Runners follow grooves in the Ice for this distance.

Races can be lost in the initial push of the race. Over the rest of the course, the sleigh's speed depends on its weight, aerodynamics, runners, condition of the ice and the skill of the driver.

Any error can have a significant impact on the final race standings as the sleds can go so fast that the race times are measured in hundredths of seconds even small errors make for small decreases in speed and commensurate increases in time.

Because any decrease in speed affects the sleigh for the remainder of the course, errors made high on the track will have a greater effect than those made closer to the finish.

Each run down the course in competition is referred to as a heat. The men's and women's standing for normal races are calculated over the aggregate of two runs or heats.