Pankration, from the Greek words "Pan" and "Kratos" meaning "the one who controls everything", is a world heritage martial art with the unique distinction of being the only martial sport in existence that can legitimately trace its roots to the ancient Olympic Games from 648 BC to 393 AD.

Today, pankration is developed by FILA as a mild form of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which forbids striking to the head. Pankration is practised both by men and women, according to the same rules.

In addition to individual competition, pankration includes two forms of choreographic team events that can be showcased with or without weapons. "Palaismata" takes place between two athletes and aims at assessing their level of knowledge while "Polydamas" takes place between 1 defendant and 3 attackers to simulate a dangerous situation to be overcome by the athlete.

Pankration is an efficient form of self-defence that can be used for police and security training. Pankration was introduced to the programme of the SportAccord World Combat Games in 2010 with 3 male categories.
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