Pahlavani Wrestling
The origin of “ Pahlavani wrestling “ goes back to ancient Persia and was said to have been practiced by mythological Iranian heroes in battles .in fact  the Pahlavani wrestling originally used to train warriors. It combines martial arts and wrestling technics , calisthenics, strength training and epic music. It recognized by UNESCO as among the world's longest-running forms of sport.

The person who ever was well trained and defeat others would called Pahlavan or hero. The Pahlvani heros are popular among people. This style of wrestling confront two competitors who try to take control over each other by throwing him back on his shoulder.

In Pahlavani wrestling, wrestlers wear a pants which extends from waist to below of his knees that contains a belt to hold the pants. In this style wrestler is allowed to use or grab pants or belt as a grip. Also the wrestler can use legs, waist, clinch, leg trips and more likely lift and throw.
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