Wakeboarding is a combination of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and water skiing. A wakeboard looks like a fat snowboard with a pair of bindings attached to it. The wakeboard rider carves turns with body leans and by rocking the board. During competition, riders perform flips and spins and other acrobatic stunts in the air and on the water. These tricks are spectacular to witness - some athletes may go as high as 8 meters in the air while doing a manoeuvre.


Each rider is allowed two passes through the wakeboard course during which time the rider may perform any routine they choose. They will be judged on three subjective style categories, to arrive at a single combined score.

Riders are encouraged to perform a smooth flowing routine with a wide variety of tricks. Each manoeuvre should be executed as cleanly as possible and taken to its limit.

Judges will award a maximum of 100 points to each rider based on their overall impressions of the routine performed. The judges will score each rider in each of the following categories:

Execution - 33.3 Points
This reflects the level of perfection to which each manoeuvre was performed, as well as the successful completion of the routine with a minimum number of falls.

Intensity - 33.4 Points
This reflects how big the moves were performed, as well as the technical difficulty of the tricks executed.

Composition - 33.3 Points
This reflects the overall composition of the routine in terms of the rider's ability to perform a variety of manoeuvres in a flowing, creative sequence.
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