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The OCA Sports for All Committee meets in Muscat on Thursday.
OCA Sports for All Committee meets in Muscat

09 Dec 2010

Muscat, Oman: Under the Chairmanship of General Suhail Khoury, the OCA Sports For All Committee met in Muscat on Thursday, December 9. The other four attendees were Mr. Abdul Ghani Tabbalat, Mr. Rabi Rajkarnikar, Dr. Tiras Odisho and Mr. Ahmad Khanjy.

Gen. Suhail welcomed the committee members and expressed his personal gratitude and appreciation for the efforts they had exerted to develop and initiate the "Sports for All" concept and practices.

The committee discussed the following items: NOCs' "Sports for All" actions with regard to governance, organisation, activities, resources, society atmosphere, participation and stakeholders; and the OCA's "Sports for All" actions with regard to the Asian Games, Asian Winter Games, Asian Indoor-Martial Arts Games, Asian Beach Games and Asian Youth Games.

Since a proper database regarding the NOCs' "Sports for All" actions is not available, the committee decided to overcome the deficiency by collecting comprehensive information to create an accurate database and records which reflect the "Sports for All" status in Asia.

The following questionnaire will be circulated to all NOCs aiming to achieve the intended objective:

Contact person:

Nr.     Question     
1.      We have a “Sports for All” body
             • Federation
             • Standing Committee
             • Ad-hoc Committee
             • Other
2.      One event (or more) is organized annually  
3.      Participation includes both genders and various age groups  
4.      Allocated financial resources are adequate and satisfactory  
5.      Cooperation, coordination and support are tangible among stakeholders   
6.      Celebrating “OCA Sports for All Day” shall enhance sport as a way of life

             • Strongly
             • Fairly
             • Poorly  

The committee will also review existing "Sports for All" activities conducted by certain NOCs, and make the utmost effort to initiate projects among other NOCs. They would also like to include a "Sports for All" activity within any of the OCA's continental or regional events programmes.

The next committee meeting will be held before August 2011.

The committee adjourned the meeting by extending heartfelt and sincere thanks to the Muscat Asian Beach Games Organising Committee (MABGOC) for the substantial efforts and hospitality offered to make this meeting possible.

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