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Timor-Leste NOC General Assembly

15 Jul 2013
Dili, Timor-Leste: The Elective General Assembly of the Timor-Leste Olympic Committee was held on June 23 at Hotel Ramelau in the capital Dili. The President of the NOC, Dr. Jose Luis Guterres, could not attend due to commitments in his role as Foreign Minister, accompanying the President of the country to Indonesia and New Zealand.

In his absence, a consensus of three people (one each from the football and shooting federations and the Secretary General) chaired the meeting. Business included:

*The house unanimously approved the new constitution

*Voting rights - 13 (12 Olympic sports federations plus one athlete representing the Olympic athletes)

*The GA came to a consensus, therefore no election was conducted.

*The following people, by unanimous agreement, were elected for the term 2013-2017:

President, Francisco Kalbuadi; First Vice President, Mateus da Cruz (Athletics); Second Vice President, Raul Falur R. Laek (Shooting); Third Vice President, Lourenço Oliveira (Canoe).

Secretary General, Fernando A. da Costa (Volleyball); Vice Secretary General, Laurentino Guterres; Executive Committee members, Juliao S. Silva, Vicente da Silva, Guillermo da Cruz, Cristovao Pereira, Mariana Dias Ximenes.

Treasurer, Sergio Espirito Santo; Office Manager, Angelo Hendriques; Assistant, Jorge Amaral.

The General Assembly also nominated the former President of the NOC, Dr. Jose Luis Guterres, as Honorary President.
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