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CTOC proud of YOG athlete role model Cheng

28 Apr 2014
Taipei: One of the 37 athlete role models of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Chinese Taipei badminton player Ms. Cheng Wen-Hsing has launched a program to influence local youth delinquents by teaching them the value of sport on top of fulfilling her duties as an athlete role model during the Nanjing YOG in supporting, mentoring and offering advice to the 3,800 young athletes.

The Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee (CTOC) has arranged for Miss Cheng to deliver speeches at various juvenile delinquent correction centers with the hope to inspire them through sharing the story of her own struggles. She also brings with her Cooperative Bank badminton players to teach youngsters how to play the sport. Miss Cheng and team mates will make six such demonstration visits before she goes to Nanjing in August. The program is sponsored by a local sports gear company, Victor Inc., which contributes a package of 20 sets of rackets and one net to every institution they visit to enable youngsters to continue playing badminton afterwards.

On Apirl 28, 2014, at the debut of the series, Ms. Cheng and team mates visited PingSi Junior High School in New Taipei City. They demonstrated the skills of badminton. The CTOC also invited Deputy Director General of Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, Dr. Peng, Tai-ling to join in this charitable event.

After the mentoring Tour, Ms Cheng said: "This is a great experience for me. Whatever I can do to help, I will go for it!”
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