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ANOC Vice President for America Julio Cesar Maglione (Uruguay)
ANOC VPs rally round new President

14 Apr 2012
Moscow , Russia: The Association of National Olympic Committees’ four Vice Presidents have expressed their satisfaction and solidarity with the newly elected President, His Excellency Sheikh Ahmad Al Fahad Al Sabah. This is what they told ocasia.org:

ANOC Vice President for America  Julio Cesar Maglione (Uruguay): Sheikh Ahmad is a hard-working person and important president in Asia . He manages the Asian Olympic Movement excellently and I’m sure he will handle ANOC in the same way in future with big success in our Olympic community.

ANOC Vice President for Africa Lassana Palenfo (Cote d’Ivoire): Sheikh Ahmad’s election as ANOC President is a good thing for this organisation. I said that yesterday in our congress as well. He is a good leader and he does a good job in OCA. That makes me believe he can do the same for ANOC. Africa supports him to be our president so we are satisfied and happy. I hope he can set up a new level for our organisation, the same as he has done for Asia.

ANOC Vice President for Europe Patrick J. Hickey (Ireland): I think the election is fantastic. It shows universal acceptance of Sheikh Ahmad - except for one vote against, which was expected. It shows that the whole world is united under his leadership, which is great for ANOC. Everybody is happy and excited about Sheikh Ahmad’s motivation to work hard. He immediately has announced we will have three meetings by the end of this year and an annual ANOC General Assembly. He is in a working mood and being inclusive, which means he is willing to consult with his Vice Presidents and Executive Council members. This hasn’t happened in the past. This is a great new change from our new President Sheikh Ahmad.

ANOC Vice President for Oceania Robin Mitchell (Fiji): The election yesterday went very well. That is the result of information provided to the delegates during the continental meetings a day before. Now everyone is happy for our new President Sheikh Ahmad. After his election he totally changed the atmosphere of the meeting.  The congress went calmly and smoothly. Everyone is free to talk. I believe the conduct of the meeting is very different. He is a very experienced man and runs a very successful continent.  I wish him all the best in the coming two years presidency.
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