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AIBA provisionally excludes Korean Amateur Boxing Federation

12 Sep 2010
The International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Committee Bureau has decided to provisionally exclude the Korean Amateur Boxing Federation as a member of AIBA as of today pursuant to Article 17 of the AIBA Statutes.

It has been a really long process until AIBA made this decision since the election of the new President of KABF on January 19, 2009. As the Korean court took over the case of legitimacy of this election in February, AIBA decided to wait for accepting the entire administration as the governing body and not to base itself on the result of the Korean court.

In the meantime, the former President and Members of KABF have violated the weigh-in process in a boxing competition and tried to deceive AIBA by sending a fake doctor to an AIBA major event which caused a further suspension of KABF and its members.

In addition, the President of KABF behaved manipulatively and intentionally disrupted AIBA's investigations into these incidents which resulted in another suspension from AIBA. Although the Court of Arbitration for Sport later reduced the suspension period, CAS clearly confirmed the wrongdoings of the former President, Mr Jae Joon Yoo.

Finally the Korean court made the decision to order the Korean Olympic Committee to remove its recognition of Mr Yoo as the President of KABF based on two findings:

1. He was not qualified to run for the election due to his previous suspension from KABF for two years

2. He manipulated the election process by bribing voting members

Although Mr Yoo appealed to the higher court, its decision was the same as that of the 1st court, i.e. that he should not have any position within the KABF.

Until today, Mr Yoo and the KABF have refused to follow AIBA's and KOC's order to hold an election for a new President and its new Executive Board in order to reshape the development of the sport of boxing in Korea. In addition, Mr Yoo is continuously criticizing AIBA, the AIBA President and Executive Director in the media, which has caused serious damage to the image and reputation of AIBA and its members.

AIBA has valid reason to provisionally exclude KABF from AIBA. This KABF case will be submitted to the forthcoming AIBA Executive Committee and Congress for the final decision on the future of KABF in AIBA.

Source: www.aiba.org
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