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Muscat 2010 mascots
Muscat 2010 mascots revealed

27 Apr 2010
Muscat, Oman: The Muscat Asian Beach Games Organising Committee (MABGOC) Games mascots have been revealed! Describing the occasion as an exciting milestone in the build-up to the December 8-16 Games, MABGOC Director General Eng. Habib Macki said: “We’ve spent a considerable effort to make the Muscat 2010 mascots truly unique. We wanted to ensure the characters represent the ideals of the Games and excite all Games participants. From the athletes who will come from across Asia, to the local children and youth, we wanted to be sure the mascots bring people together as one as we prepare to shine at Muscat 2010!”

Giving a further explanation of the mascots, Eng. Habib Macki explained the concept behind the designs.

"We wanted to represent the vast and varied regions and areas of Oman with our mascots. As such, we created the concept of using three unique animals found here. The Green Turtle, Houbara and Tahr each represent an area of Oman’s landscape, and together will generate excitement in the lead-up to the Games,” he said.


The Green Turtles are amongst the oldest and important marine species living in Omani water, with thousands of them returning to Oman each year to nest. The Green Turtle was chosen to represent the waters of Oman, which will play host to various sports at the 2nd Asian Beach Games.

The Green Turtle character has been named ‘Al-Med’ meaning ‘the tide’. His personality is gentle, kind and polite. He is very good at water sports as he has been practicing since a very young age. Al-Med is often a little bit awkward in social situations so usually he likes to compete in individual sports. Sometimes other people try to take advantage of Al-Med, because he is a little bit naive, however his luck always saves his shell!

TAHR (Al-Jebel)
The Tahr is native to Oman and lives on steep rocky slopes. The Tahr was chosen to represent the land of Oman.

Named ‘Al-Jebel’ meaning ‘the mountains’ this mascot is ambitious, he loves to compete and he often wins! He does not like to lose, although he would never cheat to win. Al-Jebel is a bit stubborn and set in his ways, but when you get to know him you find he is very caring and will do anything to protect his friends.

The Houbara is known as one of the most beautiful and magnificent birds of the desert. It has been chosen to represent the beautiful open skies and fresh air in Oman.

Named ‘Al-Reeh’ meaning ‘the wind’ this mascot is bit older and wiser than Al-Med and Al-Jebel so she often gives them advice. She loves children and often spends time with her nieces and nephews coaching them on how to play her favourite sports. She really loves to be part of a team and spending time with friends and family. She is patient and caring and always willing to lend a hand or listen when needed.

Over the coming months MABGOC will host “Meet the Mascots” opportunities for the local public in order to engage and generate excitement in the Games.
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