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Hong Kong joins surfing world body

07 Nov 2013
Hong Kong, China: The International Surfing Association is proud to welcome Hong Kong, China as the 76th member of the IOC-recognised ISA.

“Hong Kong is a great addition to the ISA, now at 76 members and growing rapidly to reach 100 members by the end of 2014,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

“An important destination in Asia, Hong Kong is home to a booming SUP (stand-up paddling) and surf population, with the ability to help influence and expand surfing participation for all of Asia - an extremely important region for surfing’s growth and a region where the majority of SUP boards are made.”

Hong Kong generally has two surf seasons a year. The winter sees monsoon swells on the northeast-facing beaches between October and March, while summer monsoon swells primarily hit southwest beaches between April and September.

“This is a huge opportunity for Hong Kong to be part of the ISA,” said Bryan Ng, President of the Hong Kong SUP Board Association.

“Becoming a part of the ISA allows our athletes, coaches and instructors in the stand-up paddling and surfing communities to connect, share knowledge and interact with the best watermen around the world."

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