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Milad Hojatoleslami (left) and Hossein Javadi (right) posted these pictures on their facebook pages hours before the El Classico match. They were in the Germanwings plane that crashed on Tuesday.

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AIPS member one of two Iranian sports journalists killed in Germanwings plane crash

Date : 26 Mar 2015

By Sara Alambeigi, AIPS Member, Iran

TEHRAN:  Two Iranian sports journalists were killed in the Germanwings plane crash on Tuesday in the French Alps after covering their dream game-the El Clasico- in Barcelona, but outside Nou Camp. AIPS member Hossein Javadi, 35 and his colleague 31-year-old Milad Hojatoleslami died after covering their dream match.

The most interesting aspect of covering football matches for a sports journalist is probably reporting the whole match while seating at a stadium. This feeling will definitely be stronger, when the journalist is covering his favorite team in a derby match.

For a decade they had covered Iran’s football league and the national team’s matches inside the country and abroad. The two covered 2014 World Cup and experienced the world’s most important football event. They, however, always had a dream; to be able to cover an El Clasico’s match at the Nou Camp on Sunday.

The visa processes and the fact that not all journalists have the chance to report the event at the Nou Camp had apparently been the obstacles in fulfilling their dreams. The thought came into their mind again, right after they understood that they would travel with Iran’s national team to Austria’s Vienna to cover the team’s FIFA Day Match against Chile.

They had two days off in their working schedule in Vienna and surprisingly the El Clasico was taking place during this time. They found two tickets to Barcelona. The two posted several photos on their Instagram and Facebook pages, showing their happiness and excitement from Nou Camp. Although they could not cover the match from the stadium, as they were not able to find tickets, they visited the Nou Camp before the match started. The photos clearly showed their happiness.

The two covered the match from outside the stadium and talked to the fans. Their happiness was completed after their favorite team won the match. “Being in Barcelona and getting into the Nou Camp and the victory of Barcelona in the final match, oh God, this was your miracle,” Milad posted on his Facebook minutes after his favorite team won.

They had many things to talk about when they met their friends back in Vienna. But they could not find a direct flight to Vienna, so they decided to buy last minute tickets on the Germanwings flight to Dusseldorf and find connecting flights to Vienna.

The destination for the Airbus A320 passenger aircraft was Duesseldorf but sadly, this was never to be. The plane crashed in the French Alps leaving no survivors. Milad and Hossein were among the passengers and their family only learned about their deaths  a day after the incident. Their sad deaths made their families and friends, who were celebrating the Persian New Year in Iran, very sad.



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