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OCA conducts 4th IT Audit for 18th Asian Games

Date : 22 Aug 2017

Jakarta, Indonesia, August 21, 2017: The 4th OCA IT Audit for the 18th Asian Games Jakarta-Palembang 2018 was held in Jakarta from August 14-16. The auditors, Mr. Manuel Gonzalez and Mr. Alfonso Sanchez, met representatives from various INASGOC Functional Areas as well as from the main IT&T Providers.

Only one year is remaining until the opening ceremony on August 18 and there is no time to waste in the implementation of the necessary measures to achieve all the milestones of the IT and the Telecommunications projects.

Those measures include the finalisation of all the procurement agreements with the main providers; the coordination with the Sports Department in the collection of the requirements and additional information needed  to  determine the final level of the scope of products and services; the good coordination with the Venues Department to proceed with the venues inspection and agree the further deployment of al the IT&T equipment; and the collaboration with the Media & Broadcast Department and the rest of INASGOC’s Departments to guarantee the correct delivery of the products and services agreed with each of them.

Project Management is progressing well with the involvement of all the stakeholders and the agreement of the procedures to get control of the project. As part of this area, the action plans for the next months were agreed between the OCA IT Auditor and INASGOC’s IT&T Department.



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