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Jonathan Raj (Malaysia), OCA Young Reporter

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Bowled over at the opening ceremony

Date : 29 Jun 2013

Incheon, Korea: I had the privilege of watching the opening ceremony of the Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games at Incheon, South Korea, on Saturday night. And I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that the citizens of Incheon from all walks of life were taking part in the ceremony.

The opening ceremony began with a pounding of rhythmic percussion performed by youths. This  was interesting in that both old and modern culture were infused in this performance.

The touching stories of three "dreamers" who achieved their dreams were well depicted in the video presentation. I was touched when I saw the elderly proudly joining hands with the young in performing the lantern dance. I was fascinated by the amazing projections on the screen as well. I especially enjoyed the K-TIGERS who used martial arts movements as a dance routine. They even kicked and broke blocks of wood.

The orchestra performance was unique because its main performer used an old fashioned oboe, which blended well with the set. A group of teenage boys and girls performed a contemporary dance where they mimicked a scene at a bowling alley. They were the bowling ball and the pins. That was really cool.

Later, when the contingents of various Asian countries paraded on to the stadium, I was so proud to see my country, Malaysia. I cheered them on as they passed by me.

After the prime minister of Korea opened the games, I was impressed by the fireworks that followed. There were even more fireworks after the torch lighting, and this was even more impressive! The opening ceremony ended with performances by an all girl K-POP group known as A-Pink.

I had a really delightful evening. The opening ceremony with its many visual effects and thrilling performances were breathtaking. Both old and young gave their all in making the opening ceremony an experience I am glad I did not miss.

By Jonathan Raj
OCA Young Reporter (Malaysia)



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