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Nanjing for Me!

Date : 24 Aug 2013

Nanjing, China: On the 24th August there was the Closing Ceremony for the 2nd Asian Youth Games, which means that the OCA Youth Reporters Programme in Nanjing has come to an end as well. The six Youth Reporters from various countries of Asia spent nine unforgettable days in China and of course, they all had an amazing experience here.

I, Sherzod Qodirjonov from Uzbekistan, also spent an amazing time here in the beautiful ancient capital, Nanjing. Firstly, one thing, which I liked the most is that each of us was twinned to one local youth reporter under the "Twinning Programme." My partner, Ni, helped me a lot, in interviewing the Chinese athletes, in using services in China, in traveling via the city and etc.

Moreover, the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies were absolutely astonishing. Each ceremony distinct from the other but none the less beautiful and well decorated, the pictures, the actions were top notch and everyone who took part in these ceremonies seemed to have enjoyed like me. Personally, I had a great number of emotions too, which can be seen in my first article, which is about the Opening Ceremony.

In the first few days, we organized how to spend our nine days in Nanjing with Mr. Jeremy Walker, our supervisor. Every day we had something to do, making our stay worthwhile. One thing I liked about the proragmme was when we participated at the Culture & Education Programme at Athlete's Village, where we could find plenty of information about other Asian countries which were participating at the 2nd AYG.

There I took enough data about other countries and their culture. There was also Anti Doping and Fair Play kiosks, which were very useful and informative to us at the Culture and Education Programme kiosk. We visited the Athlete's Village again to interview one sportsman from our country and my eyes caught a very good looking Uzbek from the crowd in the Dining Hall wearing an Uzbek jumpsuit. Upon the first glance, I decided that I will interview her.

She was very friendly and talking to her made me feel like I was a professional journalist interviewing a professional athlete. It was absolutely amazing, maybe, I will never forget this moment. Furthermore, the most memorable time for me was the half-day city tour. On this day we went sightseeing, which was very interesting. We along with our six twin reporters visited the all historical and beautiful places.

I never thought that Nanjing was a big city, but the city tour made me think otherwise.  The boat ride along the Confucius temple after the delicious dinner was absolutely astonishing. Unfortunately, 'good things always come to an end' so today is the end for our programme as well. We met our counterparts at the closing ceremony and bid our farewell to them.

The friends that I made here in Najing from all over Asia is something I will cherish in my life. The fact that I got a chance to represent Uzbek at the Asian Youth Games will always be in my thoughts and something I shall never forget.

By Sherzod Qodirjonov,
OCA Young Reporter, Uzbekistan



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