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Incheon 2013

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A great day with the OCA President

Date : 30 Jun 2013

Incheon, Korea: Today, I was thrilled to be part of the OCA President's entourage to tour the athletes' village and the main media centre. The OCA President is a very gracious and friendly gentleman. He smiled and greeted the people around him and even took pictures with the volunteers while making the peace sign. What a sporting president indeed!

At the athletes' village, I could not help but notice the OCA President warmly greeting and speaking to the athletes. Even at the canteen, the president took time to chat with the athletes and coaches from different countries.

He was genuinely concerned about their welfare. It was at the canteen that a nine year old chess exponent,  Kim Yubin from South Korea, caught his attention. He made mention of her later at the press conference. The president even had lunch at the canteen just like any other athlete would do.

After lunch, we proceeded towards the main media centre. We were given a briefing on its facilities, work rooms, and its transmission centre. The main press conference was held here at 3pm. While giving his opening address, the president spoke about Miss Lai On Nei and my good self as being the winners of the Youth Reporter Project (YRP) from our respective countries.

The president also answered the many questions put to him by the reporters. Once the press conference ended, Miss Lai and I were then interviewed by some of the reporters there. This has been the highlight of my stay here so far.

What a great day it has been!

By Jonathan Raj,
OCA Young Reporter, Malaysia



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