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FINA prize money for Hangzhou world champs over 2 million USD

Date : 07 Nov 2018

Hangzhou, China, November 7, 2018: FINA has announced it has substantially increased the amount of prize money for the upcoming 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Hangzhou (CHN) from December 11-16.

The total prize money for the competition is 2,070,000 USD, with 1,530,000 USD of this for individual events and 540,000 USD for the relays.

An additional 15,000 USD bonus will be awarded for each new World Record established in the Championships.

The prize money will be distributed equally to men and women for individual athletes and for relay teams from first place to eighth place, as follows:

1st place: US$ 10,000.

2nd place: US$ 8,000.

3rd place: US$ 7,000.

4th place: US$ 6,000.

5th place: US$ 5,000.

6th place: US$ 4,000.

7th place: US$ 3,000.

8th place: US$ 2,000.

A total of 34 individual races and 12 relay events are on the programme of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m).

The prize fund for 2018 represents an increase of over 75% compared with the total amount of prize money distributed to the best swimmers in 2016: 1,173,000 USD (excluding WR bonuses).




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