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Pakistan’s Mia Nuriah Freudweiler enjoys the scenery at the Winter YOG. © Olympic Channel

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Pakistan’s Winter YOG skier Mia has high hopes for girls back home

Date : 15 Jan 2020

Lausanne, Switzerland, January 15, 2020: Pakistan’s alpine skier Mia Nuriah Freudweiler is hoping her appearance at the Winter Youth Olympic Games can inspire and empower girls back home.

The 16-year-old skier, who lives in Switzerland at Villars-sur-Ollon, has made it her personal goal to improve both gender equality and recognition of winter sports in Pakistan.

“My goal is to inspire and empower young girls, young Pakistani girls, to fulfill their dreams,” Mia says in an interview with the Olympic Channel.

“I am tired of women being portrayed as weak, as not being able to pursue their career, their sport, their hobby or anything.”

Despite being raised in Switzerland, she still has fond memories of driving around Karachi and plans to return to help develop skiing in Pakistan.

“I would definitely like to go to Pakistan for the skiing since I am representing the country. They have got amazing mountains and it would be incredible,” she says.

Mia said that her father had sent over two tons of ski material, including ski boots, ski poles and skis, to a ski school in Pakistan so they could use the equipment to encourage people to ski.

“If I can go over there I can be a ski teacher and really help Pakistani skiers to develop and become better skiers so hopefully I can teach them my passion.”

In the meantime, she sends a message home: “Continue to be empowered and I send all the young Pakistani girls all the best for their goals and their dreams.”



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