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Mr Perera conducts his Olympic Values seminar at the OCA skateboarding youth camp in Nanjing on Tuesday

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OCA youth camp teaches values of excellence, friendship and respect

Date : 08 Aug 2019

Nanjing, China, August 6, 2019: The OCA skateboarding youth camp in Nanjing, China switched the focus of attention to Olympic Values on Tuesday afternoon.

The youth camp welcomed the participation of Mr. B. L. H. Perera, Professor of Sports Science and Physical Education at the University of Kelaniya in Sri Lanka. He is also the Director of Educational Programmes of the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka.

Mr Perera’s presentation enhanced the three core Olympic Values – namely Excellence, Friendship and Respect – and stressed the ways in which these values help to build society in everyday life.

“Regarding the Olympic Games, we are not only a sporting festival, it is an opportunity to show the world that we are a bunch of athletes with values,” he said.

“The Olympic Games connect the world and the Olympic Games is bodily education because every day you learn through your body.”

As an ice-breaking exercise, Mr Perera divided the 35 athletes and 19 coaches from 19 National Olympic Committees into small groups. The task was to skateboard to a central collecting point and pick up a piece of paper which, when joined together, formed the words of the three Olympic Values.

The presentation also showed a series of videos displaying these values through memorable moments during the Olympic Games, as well as a multiple-choice quiz to steer the athletes towards the correct answer through the Olympic Values guide.

He also spoke of the importance of the physical, spiritual and mental aspects within the concept of sport in order to develop humanity around the world.

A brief history of the Olympic Games – ancient and modern – introduced aspects of Greek mythology as well as the scared spot of Olimpia, the birthplace of the Olympics.

In short, the presentation highlighted the fact that the Olympic Games are not only held every four years because the core Olympic Values are on display every day, and that there were no short cuts in achieving the goals.



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