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Jayanthi Kuru Uthampalam, Chairperson of the Complaint Committee

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Sri Lanka NOC launches Sexual Harassment and Abuse Policy

Date : 30 Aug 2019

Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 30, 2019: Sri Lanka NOC’s Sexual Harassment and Abuse Policy (SHAP) was formerly launched this week with the setting up of its high-powered Complaints Committee (CC) which consists of 10 well-versed experts on the subject.

The proceedings got underway with the unveiling of the Policy Statement:

“It is the responsibility of the sports community to identify and prevent sexual harassment and abuse from occurring and develop a culture of dignity, respect and safety in sports. Thus the policy mainly aims to promote and protect the health of all athletes by creating a safe and mutually respectful sports environment by promoting rights, well-being and protection of all athletes, coaches, administrative officials, volunteers and staff as it is in such conditions that an athlete would optimize their performances.

“It also allows the National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka to maintain impartial and fair proceedings when a complaint/allegation of sexual harassment and abuse is made to enable and empower the relevant inquiring committee to prescribe disciplinary, penal or other appropriate measures.”

The address was made by the Chairperson of the NOC SL Women’s Committee, Niloo Jayatilake.

The 10 members of the NOC SL’s SHAP are: Jayanthi Kuru Uthampalam (Chairperson), Caryll Tozer, Preethi Adihetty, Shayamala Gomez, Dillai Joseph, Nedra Wickremasinghe, Sabrina Esufally, Dr. Nihal de Silva, Sharnya Sekaram and Diodre Moraes.

The SHAP CC will meet again on September 17, 2019.



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