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Olympic Council of Asia meets Rand Saad Al-Mashhadani

Date : 21 May 2019

Sports has been growing in every corner of Iraq. Not only men, but women athletes as well are seen taking up sports as a full time profession, representing their country and winning medals. Recently we caught up with Iraq’s promising young archer, Rand Saad Al-Mashhadani. She has already participated in the Olympics and looks as a bright prospect for the future. Take a look at the excerpts of her exclusive interview.

1. How did you start playing Archery?

I started playing in 2007 with my father, who is now the President of the Iraqi Federation of Archery.

2. Which sportsperson inspired you in your younger days?

I am a big fan of Korea’s Park Hyung Sik. For me, he’s one of the most prominent champions in Archery and an inspiration.

3. What is your favourite cuisine/dish?

I love a special Iraqi dish called Dolma.

4. What is your favourite pastime?

My hobbies are sports, bow and arrow.

5. Who are your favourite Archers?

Park Hyung and Brady Ellison are my all time favourite Archers.

6. Personally, what has been your favourite memory?

My participation in the Olympic Games in London.

7. What is your ultimate dream in life?

Winning an Olympic medal is my ultimate dream.

8. Do you follow any superstition before stepping out for a game?

No. But I pray to God for my success just before stepping out.

9. Apart from sports, what are your hobbies?

I love to drive cars.

10. How do you think the OCA and Asian Games contribute to an athlete's development?

Of course, the Asian Games are very important to any athlete. As far as I am concerned, it is a good platform to prepare yourself for the Olympics.

Wishing the best for you, Rand Saad Al-Mashhadani.



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