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Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon (right) and Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC) Vice President Kim Young-chae pose with a document appointing Seoul as the South Korean candidate city for a joint 2032 Summer Olympics bid with North Korea on Monday, February 11, 2019. © Yonhap

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Korea NOC selects Seoul as candidate city for 2032 Olympic bid

Date : 12 Feb 2019

Jincheon, Korea, February 11, 2019: Seoul has been selected as the South Korean candidate city for a joint Olympic bid with North Korea, reports Yonhap News.

The Korean Sport & Olympic Committee (KSOC) announced that Seoul was chosen over Busan as the candidate city for the 2032 Summer Games at its general assembly in Jincheon on Monday. Seoul earned 34 out of 49 votes from KSOC members.

Before the vote, Busan, South Korea's second largest city, located 450 kilometers southeast of the capital, proposed that it and Seoul become co-candidate cities, but its offer was rejected.

South Korea plans to co-host the 2032 Olympics with North Korea as the two sides agreed at their sports talks last year. They are scheduled to submit a letter of intent to the International Olympic Committee on Friday, when sports officials from the two Koreas and the IOC meet in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Under the process, South Korea had to select its candidate city before submitting its bid to the IOC. The KSOC completed on-site inspections of Seoul and Busan from Jan. 23-25 before putting the issue to a vote.

Seoul now has a chance to host the Summer Olympics for the second time. The South Korean capital city hosted the country's first Summer Games in 1988. It hosted the Winter Olympics last year in the alpine town of PyeongChang.

The mayors of the two cities, Park Won-soon for Seoul and Oh Keo-don for Busan, each gave a presentation before the KSOC voters.



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