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Kazakhstan NOC president Kulibayev vows to enforce strict anti-doping policy

Date : 12 Apr 2019

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, April 12, 2019: A strict anti-doping policy will be adopted by Kazakhstan in the run-up to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - and any athlete caught violating the code will be severely punished, vowed Timur Kulibayev, President of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan.

"Clean Sport" and the anti-doping policy of the NOC of Kazakhstan was one of the main issues on the agenda at a recent joint meeting with the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan on training national teams for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

The meeting with the coaches of the national teams for the Olympic sports was held under the leadership of Kulibayev and the Minister of Culture and Sports, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly.

“We should have an intolerant attitude towards doping. Our position must be firm and unambiguous,” Kulibayev stressed. “Every trainer, every employee of the NOC must take care of our athletes from this problem. Everyone needs to understand the consequences of their choice. If there is a violation and it is proven – athletes, coaches should be punished.

“Now the Parliament is considering a Bill on anti-doping, which provides for increased responsibility. It is necessary to keep this issue under control. The anti-doping action plan should be very substantive for each team, each athlete. Athletes must have obligations. They do not have the right to use doping,” Kulibayev added.

The meeting heard reports from the chief trainers in boxing, judo, fencing, taekwondo, wrestling, shooting, water polo, cycling and weightlifting. Meetings with other sports also attempting to win Olympic qualification was scheduled for later.

The coaches noted that all the teams were provided with the necessary material and technical base, personnel and medical support staff. A total of 110 specialists, including doctors, massage therapists, psychologists and biochemists, are working with athletes.

This year, national teams from Kazakhstan will take part in 28 World Championships, 19 Asian Championships, as well as 12 world qualifying tournaments where quotas for the Tokyo Olympic Games will be available. In 2020, teams will take part in three World Championships, 19 Asian and 18 world qualifying tournaments before the deadline for Olympic qualification which is June 25, 2020.



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