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Fukuoka to host marathon swimming qualifier for Tokyo 2020

Date : 11 Jul 2019

Gwangju, Korea, July 10, 2019: Fukuoka in Japan has been awarded the FINA Marathon Swimming Olympic Games Qualification competition for Tokyo 2020 by the FINA Bureau.

It was one of several competitions awarded during the FINA Bureau meeting on Wednesday, July 10 in Gwangju – host city of the 18th FINA World Championships from July 12-28. No dates were announced for the marathon swimming qualifier in Fukuoka.

Fukuoka is the next host of the FINA World Championships in 2021 and made a progress report to the Bureau including items such as venues, accommodation, transportation, mascots and organising committee structure.

The FINA Bureau meeting opened by observing a minute of silence in memory of FINA Vice President Dennis Miller (FIJ), who passed away on June 1, 2019.

The FINA Bureau was then welcomed by the Mayor of the City, Lee Yong Sup. Actively involved in the successful organisation of the event, Mayor Lee ensured that everything had been done “in order to guarantee the best possible experience at these World Championships”.

The Bureau acknowledged the outstanding level of participation at the FINA showcase: no fewer than 2,563 athletes (plus two additional competitors in the Refugee Team) in the six aquatic disciplines from 194 nations – a new record – have registered for the competition.

The Bureau implemented a FINA Electoral Commission which will oversee and take final decisions on the procedures for the election of President, Vice President and Bureau Members in full compliance with the FINA Constitution and regulations. The FINA Bureau will nominate the independent members of the Electoral Commission.

The Bureau also approved the “Pools for All” programme by which FINA will provide assistance in the construction of swimming pools in countries which lack aquatic facilities.

The FINA Congress takes place on Friday, July 19.



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