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Rania (left) with the Singapore team at the YOG opening ceremony. © Olympic Channel

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Singapore’s Young Change Maker at the YOG

Date : 15 Oct 2018

Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 15, 2018: The Singapore National Olympic Council reports on Singapore’s very own Young Change Maker at the Youth Olympic Games - Rania Herlina Rahardja.

Rania, a national fencer and Youth Olympian in 2010, talks about how she is inspiring the young athletes at these Games in this Question and Answer session.

1. What is your role as a Young Change Maker at the YOG?

I support the Singapore team officials and encourage our athletes to participate in the cultural and educational activities. These activities promote values such as fair play and anti-doping through creative and engaging exercises such as games, quizzes and prize draws.

2. Why did you want to take up the role of YCM?

After graduating from university last year I suffered a major shoulder dislocation and it was a huge setback in my sporting aspirations. I had just started my full-time job and people around me told me to quit the sport and focus on my career instead. But I really wanted to continue to be involved in sports and this opportunity came up. Singapore NOC was looking for YCM candidates and Fencing Singapore asked me if I was interested. I said yes, they nominated me, and here I am.

3. What is your aim as YCM? What message do you want to deliver to the athletes here?

I really hope our athletes immerse themselves fully in this experience – it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in the YOG and I hope they take as much away from the competition field and also outside e.g. making friends and trying all the activities offered!

4. How has the YOG made an impact in your life after being a member of the Singapore fencing team in 2010?

It was only after the Games that I actually understood what being part of the YOG meant. Whenever I meet other former Youth Olympians I was able to connect with them through this shared experience. It motivated me to continue being involved.

5. What are you most impressed by what you’re seeing so far in Buenos Aires?

I can already say that no one single day is the same. I’m learning and experiencing different things each day. I believe that our athletes have learnt a lot through this experience while enjoying themselves. I’m super proud of our athletes and am so glad to be a part of this journey with them.

By Justin Kor in Buenos Aires

Source: http://www.singaporeolympics.com



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