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Singapore YOG Organising Committee Chairman Ser Miang Ng

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Six months to Singapore YOG

Date : 27 Feb 2010

Singapore is six months away from welcoming the young people of the world to the very first Youth Olympic Games. Sixteen venues are ready for the 3,500 young athletes participating in 26 sports. There will also be 30 Young Ambassadors from different nations and 90 from Singapore getting involved with the Games as athlete motivators.
“The young people have been very, very involved since day one,” said Singapore YOG Organising Committee Chairman Ng Ser Miang. “Schools are very involved and there are different activities, and groups have organised different events.”
Activities will include culture and education camps, which Ng said would be a chance for the young participants to learn the core values of the Olympic Movement.
“There will be many opportunities for the young athletes to find a balance,” Ng said, referring to the mixture of sporting events and culture and education activities.
Singapore's YOG will be held from August 14-26 and will have athletes aged 14 to 18 competing in the same events as those at the Summer Olympic Games.
(By Kimiya Shokoohi, YOG reporter in Vancouver)



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