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Malaysian sports heroes honoured in empowerment campaign

Date : 28 Mar 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 28, 2019: A pair of female Malaysian sports stars have been depicted as modern-day comic strip super heroes and International Women’s Day inspirations by AIA Malaysia.

They are eight-time World Open squash champion Nicol David and Paralympic sprinter Siti Noor Iasah, who is nicknamed the “Speed Queen”, and they feature in the AIA campaign known as “WHEM” – Women Heroes who Empower Malaysians.

In support of their campaign, AIA explained: “This International Women’s Day, AIA celebrates the month with a duo of Malaysia’s most celebrated heroes. Together, these modern-day pioneers embody the spirit of triumph over life’s challenges and, though they may have different abilities, they are united in their (super) power to inspire future generations.

“Datuk Nicol Ann David is our national Squash Queen who started her ascent to the athletic throne from the age of nine. She is a celebrated international icon, triumphing her way to win a global total of eight World Squash Championships, five British Open Championships, as well as accolades as WSA Player of the Year on seven occasions.”

Regarding Asian Para Games champion Siti, AIA commented: “As Siti sets her sights on winning the Tokyo Paralympic T20 400m event, she hopes to inspire fellow Malaysians to pursue their dreams just as she did.

“With a rallying call of ‘Saya Boleh’, the Speed Queen dashes past all odds to leave a legacy her daughter can be proud of, and to motivate us to live healthier, longer, better lives.”

Nicol replied: “Thanks so much AIA Malaysia for celebrating this month’s International Women’s Day in honouring me as a Malaysian modern day super hero through this awesome comic depiction to inspire our future generations.”

Also this week, Nicol, 35, held a Media Day at the EQ Hotel to promote her first video launch for her motivational campaign series called ‘POWER’ and to talk about her plans after retirement in June.



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